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Thursday, July 21, 2016

rddc will be comring out with several new speakers designs this year,pics will be comeing soon
9:28 am edt 


Welcome to the web site!
  We are a speaker company that works on Research and Developement in Dispersion Concepts.our business is in Northern Illinois. Our goal is to give our customers an American crafted home speaker that you would be proud to own.


omni pods in different stains
shown is our 1 way on the ends &2way in the center

our new Omni-Pod is designed to be used with any amp, and can be used with MP3 players,
computers,front,rear,and center channel  applications.
These speakers are vary small in size (6x6)  and carry room filling sound!

 more pics are comming soon!

solid oak with 6'' brass plates,upper&lower
down firing midrange

HD series,7''ucher.,2''softdome ,2''titanium
HD707 with 6''solid brass plates

we use only the highest of quality drivers in our designs